Pronchans wrote a dictation about a healthy lifestyle and learned to do Nordic walking

On June 21, in the Pronsky House of Culture, as part of the Healthy Heart-22 project, Pronchans answered questions about a healthy lifestyle. Together with representatives from the Ryazan Medical University – Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Diseases Yana Belenikina, assistant Irina Bikushova and teacher of the Department of Physical Education Dmitry Samarsky analyzed the answers of the participants and worked on the mistakes.

Yana Belenikina:

“Everyone has to take care of their health. Stick to proper nutrition. Be physically active, monitor blood pressure, weight, get rid of negative habits and so on. The annual dictation on a healthy lifestyle in the districts of the region is held under the regional program “Fight against cardiovascular diseases.”

On the playground in front of the Palace of Culture, Dmitry Samarsky showed how to practice Nordic walking. Angela Varakina and Svetlana Makaturina are far from newcomers to walking with sticks. They demonstrated their skills and received useful advice from a specialist.