The metropolitan youth employment project “Vrabote” will help schoolchildren and students find work and internships.

The project was created in 2020, but this year Vrabote attracted schoolchildren from the capital for an internship for the first time. Young professionals are offered to help write a resume, take part in educational programs, and pass interviews with employers.

According to the project leader Margarita Evsyukovait is important for the guys to look at the profession from the inside in order to make a fully informed choice in the future.

“While working with students, we noticed that many of them went into a certain profession not based on their preferences. For some, their parents chose a specialty, others decided to go into areas that are most popular. Most of the graduates also did not understand what that profession is or another profession, and then began to work in other areas,” Margarita Evsyukova emphasized.

The VRabote project is being implemented jointly with Russian companies, government agencies and educational institutions of the capital. With its help, in two years, more than 2,500 vacancies were found for young Muscovites, more than 25 training events for business development were held.

The main goal of the project is to help students choose a profession. Children can consult with experts in various fields, receive information about universities and faculties of interest to them. All this can be found on the “Around Professions” platform, which is aimed at students in grades 7-11.

It is easy for a student to get an internship. All information about current vacancies and events is posted on the website and on the pages of the VRabote project in social networks, where you can contact the organizers using an online bot. To do this, you just need to write “Hello” in the messages of the VKontakte group.