In 2022, the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” in Dagestan, as well as throughout the country, will be held in the traditional format: on the central streets of all municipalities.

According to the head of the regional headquarters of the Immortal Regiment of Russia branch in the Republic of Dagestan, Mukhtar Amirov, this movement is designed to preserve the memory of the great feat of the Soviet soldier and carry it through many, many generations.

“It is also gratifying that truly patriotic and relevant ideas have already been proposed, when residents can bring to the procession photographs not only of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but also of current heroes who are fighting against Nazism. Among them are participants in a special military operation in Ukraine,” Amirov said.

It should be noted that in 2020 and 2021, the commemorative event took place online due to covid restrictions.

In 2019, the last year before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the procession of the Immortal Regiment gathered more than ten million people across Russia.

This year, the procession in Makhachkala will begin at 15:00, and the formation of the column on the central square named after. Lenin, Makhachkala from 13:00.

The procession will pass from Lenin Square in Makhachkala, along Rasul Gamzatov Avenue, turning part of the column onto Levanevskogo Street to the street. Pushkin to the site at the GBU RD “Avar Music and Drama Theater. G. Tsadasy “(Pushkin St., Building 1), and the other part of the column will pass along Rasul Gamzatov Avenue and proceed to the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Dagestan” State Republican Russian Drama Theater. M. Gorky “(pr. R. Gamzatov, house 38).