Queen Elizabeth II had quite a special and strong character, characterized by a life of adversity, and this was reflected in the various whims of her family and those who work at Buckingham Palace.

Aside from her strict salt and oil requirements, Queen Elizabeth II also had a number of culinary quirks that the kitchen staff had to strictly adhere to. For example, she always demanded that the food be hot, but not too hot, and that the vegetables be cooked very well.

Another challenge facing the kitchen staff is preparing vegetarian dishes, as Queen Elizabeth II is an animal advocate and always wanted vegetarian options available at every meal.

This meant that the kitchen staff had to constantly innovate and create new vegetarian dishes to suit their needs. Queen Elizabeth II also placed several special requirements on the dishes. For example, she always expected dishes to be elegant and kitchen utensils to always be clean and shiny.

Due to the special dietary needs and whims of Queen Elizabeth II, the Buckingham Palace kitchen staff faced many challenges when working for her. But these challenges allowed them to be creative and work hard to create delicious meals that met the needs of the Queen and her guests. Despite the difficult working conditions, the kitchen staff always strove to make every meal a complete success.