As King of England, the King Charles III and his wife, Camilla Parker, they enjoy several privileges, even so both have royal duties that they must fulfill, but they have all the comforts of the crown. Unlike other members of the royal family, they don’t have to do things that other members of the family and British citizens have to do.

The ceremony, which will be held at Westminster Abbey, will be attended by at least 200 guests and will be broadcast online and on television, so that those interested follow the royal protocol of crowning the man who is officially King of England. , but full details will be revealed on May 6th.

According to British newspapers, the eldest son of the Queen isabel II He will make some changes during his coronation, among those changes is wearing a military uniform.

As Kings of England, both the King Charles III What Camilla Parker They received special privileges. One of the advantages they enjoy at the head of the British monarchy is that they do not have to use passports like other citizens who want to leave or enter the country.

Another document that they do not need is a driver’s license either, since neither the King nor the Queen would have one in this case, since both are always taken where they want to go by a designated driver.

Not only will they save paperwork by not having to use a passport or license, but they will also be free from paying taxes and as a last privilege, the King Charles III Y Camilla Parker they enjoy «sovereign impunitywhich means they cannot be prosecuted by law.