The Princes of Wales, made up of Kate Middleton and her husband the Prince William, have become members of the British royal family most popular and loved by the public. This position has allowed them to gain a great position, since in addition to their great support, they are the absolute heirs of the crown british.

The coronation del Rey Carlos III is only hours away from being held, and the expectation of what may happen in this event has the main tabloids very attentive. They are more than 70 years in which a coronation was not celebrated, but the point of influence it is not favoring the new monarch.

Through various surveys that have been carried out with the population of the United Kingdom, Carlos III’s popularity is very mixed. However, his eldest son and his wife, if they enjoy great acceptance by the public.

This situation causes the Princes of Wales to be the two members of the royalty those who will receive the most attention in the ceremony, since they have the weight of being the absolute heirs to the throne of the monarchy.

Kate Middleton She is seen as the perfect future Queen, her campaigns and various actions have allowed her to gain the trust of a large sector of the population, who see in her a similarity of the deceased Princess Diana.

The future of the monarchy falls squarely on the Princes of Wales, the advanced age of King Charles III It is another factor that also prevents him from being the main protagonist of his great event, something that perhaps he is already fully aware of.