The race runs through the streets of Prague 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8. The route of the marathon is mostly close to the Vltava, runners will lead in the north to Libeňský bridge and in the south to Podolské nábřeží and Strakonická.

No parking will be allowed on the route and on some surrounding roads. During the week, the municipality urged drivers to respect this ban, otherwise their vehicles will be towed.

The marathon elite is heading to Prague. Amateurs and professionals compete in teams

In some parts, drivers will not drive along Rohanský, Bubenský, Dvořák, Smetanov, Janáček, Masaryk, Rašínov and Hořejší nábřeží, or along the embankments of Ludvík Svoboda and Kapitán Jaroš. In addition to Libeňský, the race route also leads across Čechův, Mánesův, Jiráskův and Palacký bridges and across the Legií bridge. During the day, traffic information can be obtained by calling the toll-free number 800 165 102 or 800 100 991.

The marathon will affect the operation of 15 tram and five bus lines, according to information on the transport company’s website. Trams will run on shortened or diverted routes, backbone lines 9, 17 and 22 will be divided into two parts. Historic lines 41 and 42 will not run at all. Passengers of bus lines 118, 176, 194 and 207 must also prepare for the modified routes. An alternative bus service X3 will be introduced in the section Dvorce – Polyclinic Budějovická – Budějovická – Dvorce from approximately 9.30 to 13.40.

Depending on the race, tram traffic will gradually change in six time periods. “We recommend using the metro in the city center, the operation of which will be strengthened on lines A and B from approximately 07:00 to 14:30,” said the transport company.

The marathon of the RunCzech series in Prague will take place after three years. It can be attended by over 10,000 competitors – elite endurance and recreational runners.