The major reconstruction of the main station building in České Budějovice is definitely not to be the last large-scale event that will take place in this location. There has already been talk many times about a tunnel for cars, which is supposed to be nearby, or an underpass towards Suché Vrbné. But the building next to the station, where the Czech Post has been located for years, is also to disappear. MF DNES found out that a parking lot will be built there.

The information was also confirmed by the Railway Administration (SŽ), which is in charge of the future investment. “In connection with the construction of the underpass, we also expect the establishment of a P+R parking lot,” said Dušan Gavenda, spokesperson for SŽ.

This is excellent news for drivers who often search in vain for free parking spaces. The space where the post office is now has a good strategic location, you can continue from there by public transport or go straight to the center via Lanná třída.

Moreover, that is not all, SŽ has already announced that it is also planning to build a parking garage on the opposite side of the station by the road in Dobrovodská Street. Together, this would mean hundreds of places for cars arriving from Srubec or Rudolfov.

“The building of a house in Dobrovodská is part of an investment project for the construction of an underpass leading under the entire railway station. It is now in the stage of processing the project plan. We should present it to the Central Commission of the Ministry of Transport for discussion this year,” Gavenda specified.

That will be the decisive meeting. If the ministry approves it, the preparation of the project documentation itself for the issuance of a permit can begin.

The Railway Administration anticipates the start of both events in 2025. It has not yet specified the capacity of both locations. “Every temporary parking lot is suitable in Budějovice. There are definitely a few thousand places missing. For commuters, the situation is more complicated because there are blue zones in many places. This would certainly help,” responded Jaromír Bárta from Srubec.

They just move her to a new one

It is important that even post office customers will not lose a much-used branch. He’ll just move away. “It will be only about 200 meters to the train station. Therefore, nothing changes for citizens in terms of the availability of services. The post office is moving to places where there is a higher concentration of people who can take care of their business on the way to or from the train,” assured Matyáš Vitík, spokesman for Czech Post (ČP).

There is no exact date for the move yet. “It depends on the reconstruction of the station,” he added. It will be ready next year. The move should be such that there will be no interruption of the services of this ČP branch.

But back to planned parking lots. In order for both constructions, including the underpass under the station, to really start in 2025, it is necessary for the South Bohemian Region to have its project ready to start nearby. He is planning a tunnel in the locality that will connect the road at the end of Mánesova Street with U Lávky Street in Pětidomí to the post-station road.

“In the summer, we should have everything about the study ready. Then we can continue the preparation. I mean the processing of project documentation or permitting processes. We could then start building in 2025,” Governor Martin Kuba calculated recently.

The tunnel is to be excavated, which means a large exclusion, which will also be very expensive, costing tens of millions. “This is also why we are planning that the actions of the region and the Railway Administration would take place at the same time. We don’t want it to happen that there will be an unpleasant shutdown because of the tunnel and in another year because of the underpass,” the governor explained.

The tunnel itself has been planned for more than 20 years. The design alone already cost 30 million crowns, previously the city of České Budějovice was in charge of it. For example, in 2014, the management of the town hall at the time decided to change the route, only to find that it was also unsuitable.

In any case, the regional town will be alive around the railway for many years to come. In addition, SŽ is dealing with the modernization of the entire České Budějovice railway hub, it wants to increase its capacity and add infrastructure for passenger and freight transport. They are currently completing a feasibility study for this project.