In recent months, Kate Middleton has been the center of attention of the English media, since many say that his relationship with the prince williamit is not how they show it in public, recently the royal couple have been fulfilling their obligations with the crown and has made several visits throughout the Anglo-Saxon territory, demonstrating a dream relationship before the cameras of the press who are present to document their attendance.

According to the royal expert Tom Quinnin his book “Growing up in the royal family: an intimate portrait of golden youth”, the writer recounts that not everything is as it is painted before the cameras that capture the day by day behavior of the royal family, likewise in the case of the princes of Wales, Tom assures that behind closed doors, in the royal residence, the relationship that Prince William maintains with Kate Middleton is the complete opposite of what they demonstrate in public.

Despite the efforts of the Buckingham Palace To maintain the image of a happy family, according to this book, the state of the marriage of the Dukes of Wales is regrettable. After more than a decade of marriage and three children in between, it seems that love has finally cooled down.

For his part, he King Charles III continues to work together with the royal institutions to appease the large number of controversies and rumors that the British press has spread throughout the world.