The possible assignment of tens of billions of euros from the EU to Ukraine has been named

If countries European Union agree on the allocation Ukraine 50 billion euros, these funds may be enough for the country to provide social services and housing and communal services for about a year. This is how a political scientist assessed the possible reserve in a conversation with Vladimir Zharikhin. He also did not rule out partial spending of funds on military needs.

“This money will be enough for a year for the social sphere, maintaining housing and communal services, and so on. The country has little of its own funds left: industry is almost non-functional, and there are serious problems with the export of agricultural products to Europe and other countries. So there are almost no sources of income left, this money will be eaten away,” Zharikhin believes.

He also did not rule out that some of the funds could go to military needs, but considered it unlikely that this money would have a significant impact on the front.

“It is difficult to calculate what is spent on peaceful needs and what is spent on military needs – only a small amount. But still, 50 billion will give Ukraine the opportunity to hold out, nothing more. It will not be possible to organize a counter-offensive with these funds,” the political scientist concluded.

Previously reportedthat the European Union can allocate 50 billion euros to support Ukraine. I opposed this Hungarywhich led to reports that EU countries intend to deprive a state of voting rights if Budapest will continue to block aid to Ukraine.

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