As of December 2021, there has been a large increase in the population of Plovdiv.

According to, as of December 2021, a large increase in the population of Plovdiv was registered. Such data were recently announced by the National Statistical Institute.

The population of the city under the hills increases by 1,022 and currently stands at 343,070. After Plovdiv, the population of Nessebar jumps the most. The population of the seaside town has increased by 459 people and currently stands at 14,539. The population of Varna is increasing by 292 people, and St. Vlas – by 257 people.

In three other cities – Sozopol, Bansko and Pomorie, the population increased by more than 100 people. Sozopol increased by 184 people, Bansko – by 115 and Pomorie – by 107. The population of 11 cities is increasing with double-digit population – Primorsko (82 people), Kiten (78 people), Momchilgrad (73 people), Gurkovo (64 people .), Jebel (33 people), Tsarevo (32 people), Obzor (29 people), Chernomorets and Byala Varna – 23 people each, Kaolinovo (12 people) and Aheloy (10 people).

Among the cities with a growing population, the smallest Bulgarian city is Melnik, which had 9 more inhabitants at the end of last year – 171. Trun, although with one resident, is also experiencing population growth.

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