After almost 4 years since the biggest controversy of British royalty arose, today Kate Middleton and the prince william They continue to face a great deal of criticism, not only from the entertainment media, but also from fans, who are increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of response from the princes of Wales.

Recently, the local press has informed and provided reports on the deterioration in the popularity of the eldest son of King Charles and his wife, Kate Middleton, due to the numerous criticisms they receive daily through social networks, and it is that lately the royal couple has not been so involved in the affairs of the British crown, which leads his followers to wonder, what do the princes of Wales do?

Several experts say that Kate and William are taking a “break” from all the stress that it has led them to confront him without number of rumors and controversies that have covered them for years, after the supposed infidelity that the prince would have committed towards the Duchess of Wales.

Although Prince William has already been mentioned above about the rumor of having a lover outside of his marriage to Kate Middleton, where denied emphatically that it was so, the media have not stopped affirming that indeed Prince Harry’s older brother was unfaithful to his wife, with whom he already has 3 children.

On the other hand, the King Charles IIIis extremely concerned for the close date of his coronation, which is only a couple of weeks away. Reports reveal that the monarch is working together with royal institutions to develop strategies to help appease the rumors that drown the royal family.