Several people who participated in the reality show of Netflix, The Squid Game: The Challengehave been filing complaints about the program, due to the low security conditions that occur on the recording set.

The participants of the reality show have repeatedly denounced the Netflix program for accidents that occurred while the games were running, even several participants had to receive emergency care.

It is widely said that the production You don’t care enough for the minimum security requirements at the time of recording.

This reality show”The challenge» is a competition between the participants to win the jackpot at the end of the game, just like in the series, and is based on a series of group and individual events where applicants will be eliminated consecutively after each week of participation. until there is only one winner.

The Squid Game became one of the most viewed Korean Netflix series worldwide in the history of the platform, and now its fans are demanding at all costs, a sequeland although it has already been announced for the end of this 2023, almost no details of its production have been revealed.