Alice Weidel, chairman of the persecuted opposition in the person of the Alternative for Germany party, summed up Chancellor Scholz’s first year in office: she recalled the disastrous economic policy, eternal moralizing and saving advice from the same politicians who do not deny themselves anything.

“In two weeks, it will be exactly a year since our country is ruled by the worst government in the history of Germany. The chancellor’s office is celebrating and drinking champagne, and its citizens are not laughing now. 12 months of the rule of the Traffic Light Coalition is 12 months of destruction of our economy and welfare 12 months of useless prescriptions, advice and requisitions 12 months we listen to how politicians talk about restrictions, while they themselves live without denying themselves anything.

We observe how the government inflates the state apparatus by 10,000 seats. Imagine. After all, there are so few officials in Germany. And of course, the Vice Chancellor hires a professional photographer for 400,000 euros. This government decided in the midst of the crisis to launch a gigantic construction of a new chancellor’s office. This office will become a monument to the chancellor’s megalomania. 4 times the size of the White House, with a new heliport, a second service apartment of 250 sq. m. and 400 new classrooms. All this will cost us 800 million euros. You can’t imagine more decadence,” the politician is indignant from the podium.

Olaf Scholz and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck listened to the speech, staring dejectedly at their phones, writes the Chancellor’s Daddy Telegram channel.

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