Shakira, the famous singer from Barranquilla, celebrated her 46th birthday on February 2 with a party at her house that lasted until late at night. According to the media outlet “EN Blau”, the celebration included unexpected and noisy guests, which led the neighbors to call the police to control the gathering.

The agents arrived at the house of Shakira and asked for the music to be turned down due to complaints from uncomfortable neighbors. According to him Article 66 of the Municipal Ordinancesthe rest of the neighbors must be respected during the week from ten at night to eight in the morning and, in case of non-compliance, the fine will not exceed 300 euros.

In addition, there are speculations that those who called the police were the parents of Piqué, the former Spanish soccer player and ex-husband of Shakirawho live nearby and have also complained about the singer’s behavior. gerard PiqueFor his part, he was very concerned due to the surprise arrival of the police at the house where his children live, Sasha and Milan.

The birthday party of Shakira it ended in a scandal due to the noise and the presence of unwanted guests, which led to the intervention of the police. The singer must be more careful in the future to avoid disturbing her neighbors and avoid fines for non-compliance with municipal ordinances.