We wrote about the history of the Miles Magister aircraft in this link from 2019, when the plane got into the Czech Republic and was preparing to depart for repairs to England in England. Pilot Richard Santus and I recently met in our country Technet podcast, where, in addition to other topics, he also sailed to this single airline, on which some of the RAF pilots have proven to fly.

The experienced pilot of historic aircraft and private rides has now managed to catch up with him before leaving for England, where he will pick up the reconstructed Miles Magister for a flight back to the Czech Republic. We will follow the path of the unique machine.

How long has the aircraft been repaired in England?
On November 30, 2019, the plane flew to England, due to misconduct, it crashed on the road. He also arrived in England on December 7, 2019. In the end, we decided that, without initial repairs, we had the renovation done from the ground up. The airline will send it. It took two and a half years, until March 2022, when work ended. Then followed the paprovn, which ended only now, when they issued the so-called Permit to fly.

What was on the plane?
The largest magpie was of wood construction, glued with casein. This is a sales glue based on low protein. This in itself is immortal if moisture does not get into it. Therefore, all the experience with the Masters in England was miserable. He did not drink in the humid environment there. Those who fly there were half or fully rebuilt around the production line. Our master’s thesis was that in 1946 it was exported to Argentina, where dry and glued joints were preserved. This was the most surprised, and the whole of England sat on it, people.

The first flight of the Miles M14A Magister Mk.I. to the land of the esk republic.

The basic skeleton is in its original state. Only some of the baking panels had to be replaced because they were glazed with oil. According to the floor in the cockpit, the lower fuselage cover changed. The horn cover was not glass, but it was wavy. According to the new canvas, new paint, engine overhaul and complete overhaul.

How many magisterians is there in the world now?
Letuschopnch is five sentences. On Saturday, May 14, the master’s meeting will take place at the Old Warden in England. This will probably never happen. The master then went to them and it is a question of how the others will be over the years, if they do not become static exhibits. And if it could be put into operation in any way, it is very unlikely. He would have to rebuild and build an aircraft of this type is expensive and, above all, towed.

The machine, made in England in 1938, served as a kind of world wolves as an RAF pilot.

Will you drive him somehow before the departure of the English Channel?
The plane um after takeoff. Very thorough. She has been testing for years. It was the bottom at what hourly intervals you could fly, according to which we then flew to change consumption. Just to be sure that the defects do not occur and at least the channel (La Manche note red.) pellets without defects.

The plane was piloted by Richard Santus (pictured).

It is assumed that the first English Channel is a critical section of the entire route.
It is the only critical moment in my mind, because this airline, when the engine shuts down, has such good glide that it is impossible for us not to land anywhere in the field without damage. But in the case of the canal, there is clear water. Then you have a piste somewhere where you can go: by the oil rig, by the ship, etc.

The plane is a collection of historic RAF Station Czechoslovakia aircraft, which is stored in Podhoany.

How is the whole pellet from England to the Czech Republic filled?
Old Warden is an air show, an event of the event, filled to light so that the old planes have a calm atmosphere. On Sunday, May 15, after taking off, let’s fly to Southend, which is to fly over Dover, where the passport will be cleared. Then let’s let the dog kanl to fly to Kortrijk in Belgium. There is a full night again. And on Monday, May 16, we would fly to Podhoan sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. In total, there will be three intermediate stations and five pistes at the home warehouse.

The first flight of the Miles M14A Magister Mk.I. to the land of the esk republic.

How will the new life of the Miles Master in R be?
Like other planes in the bus, we fly mainly for joy and for enlightenment. We will try to fly after the events so that the people can see it. Both statically and in flight. Let’s fly a memorable event in memory of the wind and, of course, fly with people who want such a flight.