The plane abruptly changed course due to a horse running away from its stall in the cargo hold.

A plane carrying animals abruptly changed course due to a horse that escaped from its stall in the cargo hold during the flight. Details of the story shared ABC News publication.

According to the source, an emergency situation occurred on a flight from USA V Belgium. It is specified that at an altitude of 31 thousand feet (about 9.4 thousand meters) the animal broke free.

Pilot Boeing 747 informed air traffic control that the plane needed to return to the international airport John Kennedy. He also asked that a veterinarian meet the plane upon landing.

The plane was reportedly forced to turn around off the coast of Boston and dump about 20 tons of fuel over the Atlantic before landing. After some time, he continued on his way and successfully landed at his destination.

It was previously reported that an otter and a rat were smuggled into the aircraft cabin. ran away from hand luggage, created a panic on board and was caught on video. Police searched the plane after landing and found a bag on board containing 28 star tortoises, a snake, a marmot, two otters and two unknown rodents.

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