MMA fighter Karlos Vmola for your own Lela Ceterová he prepared a spectacular party for several million. Everything had to be big, megalomaniac, flashy, flashy, and riding a bike was a must. In addition, he invited the media Blesk and Prima to have everything documented, and he did not let other newspapers into Obanská plovrna, where the wedding took place.

But when in the evening the link came out on Express that it was only a theater for wedding parties and fans and there was no payment for the two, because Ji Krampol does not have a license, only the mayor, the mayor and the license of the council, which is not even an actor, and besides at lunch, the matriarch and matriarch’s book were missing, Vmola suddenly turned around.

The invalid wedding evidently started to go viral among the guests, so Vmola finally invited the other newspapers from other coppers to come in and assured them that the marriage was first-rate. However, the two would have to marry in silence, because what we witnessed was not the wedding of the century, but rather just the deception of the century, since both did not have the privilege of marriage.

Denk Blesk claims that, according to their source, Vmola was supposed to have married Ceterová several weeks ago, but no one saw the day of the marriage certificate. What’s enough of a surprise when Ceterov brags about it on Instagram.

She’s a Krampol with a fake badge that you can buy online.

Karel Vmola even started claiming on the Obansk plovrn that Ji Krampol had obtained a special accreditation in order to be able to give it away, but Krampol said to Denk Blesk that Vmola gave him this accreditation.

Evidently, they both differ on who assigned which accreditation to whom, moreover, there is no such thing as the assignment of accreditation.

Only the mayor, the deputy mayor and only the council are authorized to do so, if it is not a church village. The church representative would then be called upon to do so, said Expresa prvnk Zdenk al and sm Krampol testified that it was only a play.

Both always have to act by writing in the matrimonial book and signing the signature of both witnesses, but neither of them took place at this wedding, the marriage, if you can call it that at all, is therefore not valid.

During the short time when Vmola invited other newspapers to convince them that they were married, they both showed only rings and wedding photos as proof.

That doesn’t mean anything at all, of course. The ring as a proof of the authenticity of the marriage is for him, when there is a mistake, he must hand in the letter and write it in the matrimonial book. If you want, you can have a ring made of daisies, like Iveta Bartoov once had, but the marriage certificate confirms it.

Karlos bragged about his nev

The question is, why do you hold a fake wedding for several million crowns and not invite your mother’s birth certificate to make it valid? Why would you put on an expensive show for prostitutes when you wanted to marry her in silence, as the source of the daily Blesk indicated?

For example, Vmola and Ceterov could have problems with their religion, Lela comes from Slovakia and Vmola, because he spent years in England, may have a British religion, that’s a possibility. The second thing is that Vmola should be married to her first partner, who is going to London. Other marriages, where two people have been separated for many years and never divorce due to property, are not so unusual.