The pilot of a plane that crashed in Afghanistan revealed the attitude of locals towards the crew

Residents Afghanistan They perceived the crew members of the plane that crashed in the country as brothers. The attitude of the locals was revealed by Falcon 10 pilot Arkady Grachev, his words are quoted

The pilot noted that the Afghans perceived the Russians as brothers. “The specificity of the Afghan people is that they went to help,” he added. “There were no caring people in the village.”

According to Grachev, when he and other crew members were in the hospital, delegations came to them every five minutes and inquired about their health.

Previously Grachev toldwhich caused the Falcon 10 to crash. He said the plane crashed due to technical problems.

Aircraft Falcon 10 it broke in the mountains of Badakhshan province on January 21. The private flight was operating a medical evacuation flight from Thailand Pattaya V Moscow with two technical landings.

Four crew members were saved, but two passengers – entrepreneurs Anna and Anatoly Evsyukov – did not survive. The main version of what happened Investigative Committee of Russia considers the failure of both engines.

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