The city will most likely not get out of the case without a financial settlement with Tomas Invest, which would have caused damage if the house was not realized. However, the green island between the Medium Center and Villa Cristina on Brněnská třída will remain.

A sensible compromise is also the victory of a petition with many hundreds of signatures, which was created against the plan of a six-storey house with a built-up area of ​​1,660 square meters.

Hradec Králové representatives have already decided that the city will negotiate with the investor a painless “euthanasia” of the Pilot, agree on a settlement and, in addition, land rights for two apartment buildings, which do not bother the angry inhabitants of the suburbs so much.

Hradec has been striving for a mutually advantageous win-win strategy for two years, however until the latest proposal hopes for success without further litigation. After all, the town hall and at the same time Tomas Invest had their own legal opinion prepared to solve the problem. At the same time, the deputies also doubted their impartiality.

Multifunctional house: useless

“We have now reached a compromise that should be satisfactory for both parties, the resident and the investor. We recommend approving the construction of two apartment buildings and submitting an assessment of the loss that the investor will incur as a result of not building a multifunctional building. He is in favor of it, from our point of view it is also a solution that would not provoke such dramatic resistance, “said Pavel Vacek (Pirates).

“The houses will help increase the supply of flats in Hradec, which are in short supply, while the multifunctional house is basically not needed, because we have Benešova Street on the right and Futurum on the left. The inhabitants there do not need anything like that, “said Vacek.

However, former Deputy Mayor Věra Pourová (ANO), for example, has doubts about a successful agreement. She intended to start negotiations two years ago, but her efforts were in vain.

“I tried to get the investor to the table for a few months, but I wasn’t worth him to come,” lamented Pour, who was disappointed by politics. He no longer intends to run in this year’s municipal elections.

Do you defend the city or the investor?

Perhaps it would not have been the Hradec Králové City Council if the negotiations had not slipped on a personal level. It also happened during the discussion of the Pilot. The representative for HDK and the designer from Hradec Králové Romana Dürrerová drew attention to the issued zoning decision.

“The city has already agreed with the intention of a residential and multifunctional house by concluding a future contract, a zoning decision has been issued, which is a signal for the investor that he can continue with the plan. And now we suddenly turn around and say we don’t agree with the construction? That sounds weird to me. In addition, the multifunctional house is on land that is intended for commercial construction, so it is in line with the zoning plan, ”Dürrerová pointed out the facts that could be played into the cards by the builder.

“Mrs. Dürrer is exactly an example of what a representative should not look like. I was attacked for conflicts of interest, but you are defending private investors against the city’s interests and you will not find it stupid at all, “pointed out Jiří Langer (YES) to the fact that Dürrerová represented another investor House Harmony I – to build another apartment building.

“I am not defending investors, but rather saving the credibility of the council. Because when one day a futures contract is made, a zoning decision is issued based on it, but then he suddenly says no, we don’t like it? Then the decision-making of the council is unbelievable, “said HDK representative Dürrerová.

Martin Soukup (ODS) also joined her, pointing out the generally accepted assumption that Hradec successfully expels investors:

“I read somewhere that the basis of urban planning is the thickening of housing estates. What development project have we supported in the last eight years in order to develop the city? In the case of a large housing estate project, I think that was the last parish. I agree that if the council fails to comply with its contractual obligations, it is untrustworthy and the city will turn out accordingly. “

First delete the pilot, then sell the land

Lubomír Štěpán (KSČM) proposed a proposal for a possible solution to the problem. According to him, the city would sell the land to the investor for the construction of two apartment buildings in exchange for giving up all claims to the criticized multifunctional house. At the same time, he pointed out that time is playing in favor of Hradec:

“The investor must be in a hurry, because he does not have a building permit, and if a new and unchanged building law enters into force on July 1 next year, he will not be issued the issued zoning decision, so he would have to enter a new one.”

Like Štěpán’s proposal, the text of the finally approved point was formulated by the senator for Hradec Králové, Jan Holásek (for HDK).

“Hradec urgently needs new flats. I proposed an amendment to the resolution of the council so that it would be possible to further negotiate with the investor on the conditions for the completion of the multifunctional house project under the most favorable conditions for the city, “said Holásek.

According to his proposal, the town hall first agrees to cut the multifunctional Pilot with possible compensation and only then will it hand over its land for the construction of both apartment buildings.

The genesis of the park between the Medium center and Villa Cristina dates back to the summer of 2007, when Tomas Invest applied for the sale of land, where it originally wanted to build 130 apartments and a commercial area. Even then, the investor met with resistance, after which the city stopped the project and called for some documents.

Over the years, documents began to write about two apartment buildings and a dormitory, later a home for the elderly. Since 2018, the project envisages a multifunctional house.