Rumors of a possible separation between the prince william and Kate Middleton continue to make a lot of noise on social networks, who have now revived the controversial case of Rose Hanbury, the alleged lover that William has had for several years, where they were discovered enjoying together at a party.

Prince William had mostly been cataloged as an exemplary man, until images were leaked in 2019, where he was seen at a party with Rose Hanbury, one of Kate Middleton’s best friends and very close to the British royal family.

The images they turned everyone upside down and caused Kate to cut all ties with Rose and ban any royal celebration where the noblewoman is invited.

The public and the internatuas have once again relived this unpleasant moment, since a few days ago the Wale’s princess confessed in a flower shop that the future King of United Kingdom He’s no longer detail-oriented with her, so she “didn’t expect any details from him for Valentine’s Day.”

The media, Mostly British, they were in charge of spreading the statements of Middleton, who despite all the problems that could have happened since she married William, has remained very correct and diplomatic in the public eye.

Meanwhile, Rose Hanbury was never seen again. event made by the royalty, the photos where she was seen with William were controversial enough to completely separate her from her ties to the monarchy.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?