The actual Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales She was the victim of the siege of several paparazzi, who managed to take several pictures of her in a bathing suit, while she was enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean Sea next to prince william and that caused a great scandal in the British monarchy.

When you are a member of the royalty, leaking photos of you in minor rags is not the best thing for you. Your image and identity is used as a symbol of ethics and order among the monarchies, and in the British it is not the exception either.

As the largest and most popular monarchy in the world, the English royal family it is the one that is most exposed to criticism from the public eye. And so it happened with Kate Middleton years ago, when several photographs of her in a bathing suit were leaked by all the social networks.

Although it is not something really scandalous or controversial, the Princess if he could feel like the most conservative sectors of the United Kingdom, they condemned the actions that led to the leaking of his photos.

Kate Middleton It has been characterized by having a quite correct and refined personality within royalty, it is one of the most beloved members of the royal family and in the future it will become the queen consort of United Kingdom.

And you, do you think that wearing swimsuits while being part of royalty should be considered controversial?