Jungkook In addition to having an unparalleled talent in his musical career, he has never stopped transforming his physique, since his goal is to focus on his personal life, taking responsibly, daily routines every day to stay in good physical condition, but leaving completely a ARMY open-mouthed this time.

According to several presentations, the idol has shown his toned body, with the idea of ​​exciting the followers, causing an atmosphere full of emotion and passion in each step that Jungkook performs in his concerts, as well as using costumes out of the ordinary. to increase your reaction.

His body is characterized by using many tattoos and a naturally defined physique, seen on several occasions, by posting his routines on social networks and during his presentations at concerts, this time we leave you with a series of photographs of Jungkook with his marked abdomen, that will surprise you:

Without a doubt, Jungkook is quite a heartthrob and he shows it to ARMY!