Through the social media, A photo has been released where you can see V Y jungkook sleeping together, leaving all the fans and followers of BTS with their mouths open.

Within the fandom and other followers of bts, It is well known that the friendship that exists between Jungkook and V is one of the most popular within the group.

And it is that apart from that, idols are enormously popular on the world music scene. Their talent and enormous appeal make them great exponents of the scene of Kpop.

In addition to that, the friendship between the two South Korean artists has allowed us to leave numerous moments, anecdotes and other funny scenes that have generated all kinds of laughter within the ARMY.

One of them, and one that some of his fans didn’t know, is a photo of the two sleeping together. In the photo you can see both artists while they enjoy a pleasant rest, which apart from touching their fans, has also left others impressed.

The ARMY hopes that in the future more fun moments can originate between the golden maknae Y Taehyung, as their friendship and brotherhood is very popular on social media.

To you, did you like this tender photo between V and Jungkook?