The local season and celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the founding of Vincenzo Priessnitz, the people, decorated the local springs with flowers.
| photo: TK

Two hundred years ago, Vincenz Priessnitz built his native cottage and had a room with nine water baths built in the new house. And that was the beginning of the history of lzn in Jesenka.

At the occasion of the jubilee celebrations, the people there adorned the spring on Studniho vrch in the arelu luž as a horseshoe of life-water.

The organizers of the celebrations prepared such a rich cultural program of celebrations. Miroslav Etzler and Lenka Filipov will perform in the center of Jesenka this afternoon, there will be a drum show.

Pten program

16:00 drum show – group Rytmy
16:30 Miroslav Etzler – zahjen
17:00 theatrical skee in the dark – IMPRO theater
19:00 concert by Lenka Filipov
21:00 Legends concert is back

Tomorrow the trip from Olomouc to Jesenek and back a special historic steam train. Buyers can buy tickets at all Czech ticket railways.

Mr. Priessnitz himself will travel by train with his wife and many other guests. A short beer will be held in Jesenko na ndra and the visitors will then travel to the spa, where they can pay tribute to Vincenzo Priessnitz to me with Bishop Martin David at 1 pm, the organizer said on the region’s website.

The festive opening of the summer season ends tomorrow at 2 pm in front of the Priessnitz sanatorium. Then you will perform Dixieland military music Olomouc, entertain Vladimir Hron, Dti rje, band YesBlues, Olga Lounov.