The people of Bruntl can vote on where the new cycle path will lead to the Slezsk Harta dams.
| photo: Miloslav Jank

Its first section will lead the site behind the quarry and will cover the forest near Dlouh Strn. There, connect to the other side to the watercourse.

The people decide between the two possibilities of leading the first cut. One is the existing paved forest road. The second will be built a brand new trail that would lead ble to ernmu stream.

This option would remove the high forest roads that could be difficult for families, the elderly and the disabled. At the same time, it would increase security between the Zahrdka colony of Mexico and the village of Mezina, said Ji Ondrek.

The survey is on the main page of the web portal of the city of Bruntl. Three hundred people voted in favor, and the ratio was spread roughly evenly between the two variants. Let us vote on the website for about a week. For the time being, we do not have a fixed deadline for completing the survey, Ondrek added.

The filled cycle path to the dams will be about twenty kilometers away. It was prepared by the associated municipality of the Silesian Harta Microregion with Bruntl. It will create a circuit around the dam, from the horror athletes will be able to return the second time on the existing roads.