The Pentagon refused to specify the amount of funds for Ukraine

Deputy Press Secretary Pentagon Sabrina Singh stated that the department refused to clarify how long the funds remaining to support would be enough UkraineBye USA congress accepts a new aid package. Her words lead TASS.

At a regular briefing, Singh refused to specify the amount of funds allocated for Ukraine and emphasized that the publication of this data would not be useful for Kyivhowever, supposedly it will be beneficial for Russia.

“And so I just can’t tell you how long we’ll last [уже имеющегося] package [помощи Украине] we will continue to say that we need Congress to pass this additional request,” she said.

The department representative added that the Pentagon is aware of Kyiv’s plans to continue the counteroffensive. Kyiv’s need for support will definitely be discussed at the next contact group on the defense of Ukraine, she assured.

Previously in USA accepted government funding plan without aid to Ukraine and Israel. The bill, already approved by the US House of Representatives, was supported by 87 senators.

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