The Pentagon appreciated the ability of the F-16 to change the situation on the battlefield for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Secretary of the Air Force USA Frank Kendall said that supplies from Western countries Kyiv fighters F-16 will increase the potential of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU), while recognizing that aircraft will not be able to radically change the situation on the battlefield, reports TASS.

“I believe that this will be an important increase in potential [Украины]. I wouldn’t say it’s a game-changer per se,” the spokesman said. Pentagon.

According to him, with the receipt of F-16s by Ukrainian pilots, the balance of forces in the special military operation (SVO) zone will not fundamentally change.

Formerly Head of the Foreign Service European Union (EU) Josep Borrell toldthat there are no specific deadlines for the delivery of American-made F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. He clarified that the delay in delivery of aircraft is due to the fact that training pilots to control technically complex machines takes a lot of time.

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