He prince william He is witness to how the news tabloids around the world continue to talk about the huge scandal that has generated rumors of infidelity and separation between him and Kate Middleton, Princes of Wales and future kings of United Kingdom. All this, while the British royalty tries desperately for the media in their country not to talk about it in any way.

The impact that Internet and the social networks they have had in the way the world is managed, they have allowed any minimal situation that occurs between the monarchies of the whole world, to be made known in other corners outside their kingdom.

This is how Prince William fell victim to technology in 2019, when they took several photos of him with his alleged lover Rose Hanbury. However, there was one of them that drew a lot of attention, since it would be giving a passionate kiss to the English noblewoman.

There, it served as the basis for unleashing a scandal that has now escalated this year, as the future monarch has once again been linked to Hanbury. All this was further supported, when Kate Middleton He stated that he was no longer careful with her, and that “he did not expect any detail for Valentine’s Day.”

Although the British royal family, from the hands of King Carlos III, have tried to hide these photographs, the impact of the internet is far greater than its power. So his wishes that the scandal is up his sleeve, have been a complete failure.

Even the idea of ​​keeping Rose Hanbury away from the events of the British royal family, they have not worked either. The diffusion of the controversy is great enough to even discover the residence of the noblewoman, which is close to the former residence of the Princes of Welsh.

And you, what do you think of the passionate kiss of the prince william with her lover Rose Hanbury?