Postler’s villa from the 1930s is located in Mukov Street. People from the surrounding area of ​​the Nové Hrady forests are sorry that the building fulfilled in its town does not fit into the surrounding construction of family houses.

The character and volume do not meet the requirements of the building society, especially with regard to the incorporation of buildings into the ground, the unsatisfactory quality of the environment and the value of the ground and the protection of architectural and urban values ​​in the ground. It is excessive in volume, devalues ​​the soft construction characteristic of the environment and degrades its value, urban composition and landscape, which is the subject of a petition signed by thousands of people.

The deputy gave the construction worker hope that they could still be prevented. The city development department instructed to negotiate the agreement with the city council of self-government and women, his city participates as the owner of neighboring lands, to defend the interests of the city.

According to the decision, the disagreement with the proposed construction came out due to non-compliance with the urban structure of the building in these localities, the city department told the development department and added that it would deliver an objection to the construction change.

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Representatives of the union and the local city commission met in May. We disagreed. We thus stood up for the fear that large-scale family houses should not be included in the unification of the construction of family houses and villas. It’s a significant shift. I think that our ancients are fifty-five years later, Pavel Dusil, chairman of the Nov Hradec Krlov Municipal Commission.

The owner of the Na Biice restaurant and the developer Pavel Rejchrt claim that the company is not surprised and that it has been around for billions, a change is necessary.

I bought the object with the best of minds, but the time has changed for me, the lifestyle has not flourished since the nostalgia of the day. Admit it, you won’t drink as many beers as two, which is why Mok doesn’t freak out. As every property has to fulfill the promise that comes from them, and that is now the apartments that are in desperate shortage. I know that for the elderly there is a change, but this is a fact. The property is not protected by memory, not even the day of the subsidy, he asked in a contribution under the Petition Rejchrt.

My father used to tell him about Mok, how he had been a local restaurant since he had served as a rest house, and he had been there as a textile graduate.

According to Pavel Dusil, the rejection of the opinion of the development department and the local commission of the first hope is that the demolition can be prevented, but the construction works are far from over.

Now the construction site will deal with it. According to us, it shouldn’t be there, but we had a few cases where the ad supported the investor, but they were all against it. It happens that the investor adjusts the project to meet the requirements. The construction site must comply with it, if all the conditions are met, the local authorities warned.

Go to another, the owner urged

Pavel Rejchrt is ready to modify the project to suit nmitkm: Of course, all projects are about making people happy. the law is standard vc. Of course, I will meet the situation that will arise.

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Absolutely key is that on the construction site are comments to the building women, which are the only relevant by law. There are 16 of them, of which two have qualified value and the rest is dill dog. One hunter wrote reminders, handed it out to a dozen neighbors, told them, and they would support it and catch up with them on the construction site. These are not reminders, they should be discussed, this is a camp, says Rejchrt.

And offer a surprising thing: He is ready to invest the restaurant and land in the shares of the company and sell it the shares of the entity, which will be established to the buyer, or the city.

According to his proposal, the buyer should undertake to operate the restaurant for at least 15 years. He set the sale price at 28.1 million crowns. He also said what his offer could look like in practice. He came out of the inactive sweat to sign the petition.

Instead of 281 petent (about a thousand people signed the petition, note editor. If each of them decides to invest 100 thousand crowns, he collects exactly 28.1 million crowns, the owner claims.

All the petitioners will become through their co-ownership of the real estate they have decided to save. The new owners will be at the end of the road on which the restaurants can develop to the image of theirs, when they are now dissatisfied with the development of the site in someone else’s business, to Pavel Rejchrt.

And with unavoidable irony, he also comments on the procedure: is there any work and small investments ahead of the patents? Yes, but I will help them, because I want to develop the site. If it’s sloitj, not just sign the petition? Yes, of course. I am ready to repeat this offer at any time and implement it by the 30th of 2022, so the plant will be valid.

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According to Petr Horek, the author of the petition, there is no proposal for further action from the owner of Nereln. However, the property fee is overdue. It has been similar in the past.

We would be willing to give him 10 and 12 million crowns, definitely not 28, which is nonsense. Years ago, we offered him 10 million crowns, we also had a business full, but it is necessary to realize that another 20 million needs to be invested in the reconstruction. He bought it for five million and invested two million in it, according to Petr Hork, according to him there could be a hostel above the restaurant. There are also opportunities to ensure that the business thrives.

The view of the villa with the restaurant evoked conflicting feelings among the old residents and passers-by.

I grew up here, we’ve been going there ever since, it’s been here since. There will be nothing left that resembles history and creates local color. Let me not build anything new, but a little with taste and lightness. Social events are held here, the restaurant also serves pensioners from a nearby home. There was also a rest stop. In 1968, a large park was built nearby, there were cottages for tourists, the town of the present house is the closest to Biice, there used to be a forest, shows Jana Hospodkov in front of the house opposite Mok.

Today, it is surprising that in a quiet and romantic town on the edge of the forest there used to be a motorway park with a large park, or not knowing that in the 1980s the main road to Brno led through Nov Hradec Krlov.