It is because of such cases that the owners are afraid to transport pets in the luggage compartments.

An American Bully dog ​​named Timon flew from Chelyabinsk to Moscow in exactly this way – in a container in a special luggage compartment. The hostess with such an animal would not be allowed into the cabin of the aircraft, since it obviously weighed more than 8 kg even without carrying it. In the compartment, you can transport dogs weighing up to 50 kg, with the exception of some breeds (with flattened noses), to which the American Bully does not apply.

The death of Timon became known only an hour and a half after arriving at Sheremetyevo, writes Base. When the plane landed at the airport, the owner went to pick up the dog, but she immediately refused to give out the carrier. The airline employees explained this by the fact that Timon was ill, and after a long time they announced that he had died. The body of the dog became stiff, most likely, he died of hypothermia.

“When the passenger demanded to take her body out, the employees of the airline and Rosselkhoznadzor refused for a long time, explaining that Timon is now a “corpse belonging to the airline” and an examination needs to be carried out,” the edition retells the words of the hostess. The airline’s employees are now investigating what happened. clarifies “112”.

Alas, no one is insured against such cases when transporting animals in the luggage compartment. Some airlines are going to meet passengers, changing the rules of transportation. For example, S7 back in 2020 allowed take relatively large animals into the cabin and transport them on a nearby seat. Of course, you will have to pay for the occupied seat, but this way the passenger will at least be able to control the situation.

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