This was announced today at a meeting of the Operational Headquarters to counter the spread of a new coronavirus infection, said the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov.

According to Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, the overall rate of vaccination in the republic today has reached 81.9% of those subject to vaccination, which is more than 1.4 million people.

The only municipality that has not reached 75% coverage of the population subject to vaccination is the city of Izberbash (66.4%).

“It is necessary to strengthen the joint work of the administrations of municipalities and medical organizations, especially in the specified territory, in order to achieve full immunization coverage of the population. I also ask you to pay attention to the need for timely revaccination of the vaccinated population in order to maintain herd immunity,” the prime minister said.