There should be four offices in the Ústí nad Labem region, two in the Teplice district and one each in the Děčín, Litoměřice, Chomutov and Louny regions. The resort promises to simplify and speed up construction procedures.

One of the endangered is the building office in Benešov nad Ploučnicí in the Děčín region, which manages ten other municipalities. Mayor Petr Jansa (Benešov patriots) resolutely protests against the planned abolition.

“I’m not sure if the person who decided to disrupt some building authorities knows what the office in a town like Benešov is all in charge of. I have a feeling that if those people knew in detail, this step could not happen at all, “said the mayor.

There are now three clerks working at the Benešov office and, according to the mayor, they have more than a hundred files regularly distributed. “It’s a huge amount of construction work that the office is dealing with. In fact, he has to comment figuratively on each brick, “the mayor added, adding that he was also concerned about the increase in the number of buildings without a permit.

Libochovice in the Litoměřice region could lose its second state office. In the past, the tax office has already been abolished here, and now the construction office is to be closed.

“We are angry, we don’t think it’s a conceptual solution. I still do not find any positives for the centralization of building offices in terms of the functioning of the state administration. The disruption of building authorities is very problematic due to the fact that it is not fully electronically interconnected. Now, figuratively speaking, we are building a house from the roof, not from the foundations, “commented Miroslav Zůna, Mayor of Libochovice (PRO Libochovice, Poplze and Dubany), adding that, like his colleague from Benešov, he is afraid of an increase in the number of black buildings.

“One case when a builder built a house without a permit in the Dolní Poohří Nature Park was recently resolved by the local authority. Our building authority has knowledge of the whole case and I do not know how it would have happened if he had to hand over the case to someone else who would be getting to know him, “the mayor outlined.

The mayor of Postoloprt in the Louny region, Zdeněk Pištora (Citizens for the City and the Countryside – Independents), perceives the planned abolition of the building authorities as a complete embezzlement by the Ministry of Regional Development in the municipal sphere. “Everyone shouted before the election that this crap, called the building law, needs to be reworked. Before the elections, we were promised the preservation of the building authorities and now we are learning that it will be canceled, “he criticized the ministry’s decision.

Several other municipalities belong to the building office in Postoloprty. “I am curious when they will cancel ours and transfer us to Louny, as they will pursue it here. How to cope with the growth of the agenda for another eight thousand inhabitants. Of course, no one in the heat of their office thought about that. In my opinion, this is political crap. But I still believe that the Union of Towns and Municipalities, together with the Association of Local Authorities, will reverse this decision. This is really a brainwashing in the office, these people really have no idea about the practice, “he did not take Pištor’s napkins, noting that Louny no longer catches up.

“For example, we have been waiting for a building permit for more than a year,” Pištora explained.