He added that it is no secret that Ostrava is looking for football players at the edge of the team. Unfortunately, it looks like the games we’ve chosen aren’t coming, Vrba said. But this does not mean that the team is closing time for us.

Assistant coach Jan Barnek also joined the game as a stopper. We found out that after the operations he underwent, he had a healthy look in his horseshoe, so we put him in the warehouse, coach Vrba laughed.

The truth is that he just jumped, because Ostrava’s rides are not complete. Jaroslav Svozil and Jan Juroka, a long-term wounded defender, are missing. Gigli Ndefe, Muhammed Sanneh, Ladislav Almsi, Petr Jaro and Karel Pojezn, who had a duty representative, have a holiday.

On the other hand, returnees from hostels will seek a place in the squads. These are Karel Pojezn, his Bank won in the winter from Jihlava and in the spring he was hired by Pardubice, Muhammed Sanneh from Pohronie, Luk Cienciala from Dukla Prague and Muhammed Tijani from Tborsko. Roman Zlek, Jan Fulnek and Marek Jaro spoke from the junior.

Ladislav Takacs (forward) and Jan Kubala fight for m.

We will not go to Poland in central, so everyone will get space. It will be such tests for them and when the time is tough, there is no reason why they should not stay in the dark for a long time, said Pavel Vrba.

Ladislav Takcs, a defender of the armor, remained in the team, the Bank exercised his option on him, and he also joined the club from Slavia Prague.

Laco je zkuen hr. After Laty (Latvka), he had the biggest start in the league among the current footballers of the Bank, Vrba pointed out. Be respectful, there is also a time when such players go to the Bank.

Kou vidse plays the role of a defensive villain, not a middle armor. It’s due to the elephant must, because the tracks are here and we need a little bit and a bit in the middle of the field, what he sails.

Brank Martin Roughly watches as Michal Frydrych dreams of stopping South Klma.

Even Frydrych, originally a stopper, could appear in another position on the right edge of the defense, where he played. Me hrt in threesome and in the pole. Its advantage is that when the armor is built, it gets into positions where it is able to support a ton from the side. It is a comprehensive stopper that can help in tons of phases. But we will be rehearsing. Let’s see what suits us best.

Stedopola Daniel Tetour pointed out that the holiday was long. And the first thorn seemed a bit like that, if you didn’t understand me, he smiled.

And what about Pavel Vrba’s new coach? It’s getting dark soon, but as soon as the mud, it hit my head and heel. Good on the first day, he replied. Kadopdn Pavel Vrba is a name, a recognized coach. I figured the style and the gameplay the way the two presented themselves could have seduced the Bank.

Ostravt football player on Thursday and bird passed physical tests. According to the results I know, the games are ready. For some time, they also lined individually, said Pavel Vrba.

No. On July 14, the Bank will set out for a weekly trip to Poland, and will play another match with the Celtic Glasgow, which will be part of the club’s 100th anniversary celebrations on July 13.