The original voice of the film «The little Mermaid» publicly referred to the changes to the work in an article that was recently published in Entertainment Weeklythere he expressed that the changes they have had in the film to give the role to the actress halle bailey they have been significant, necessary and supported by her.

Jodi Benson was the one who lent the voice to the character of the famous Disney princess, ArielIn 1989, the actress with her incredible talent at that time achieved a great reception from the public towards the film; However, now a few decades later, Halle Bailey, a young actress with a dark complexion, was chosen to play the role of the film that opens this Friday. May 26.

Although Halle Bailey was criticized a lot at first for being chosen to play Ariel, somehow because of her skin color and her appearance a little changed from that of the princess in the animation, the actress from 61 years ha defended all these changes that were made by the company for this new installment, emphasizing that they were changes that had to be made.

«I think that Rob and John, (who directs and produces the film) have done a great job making the change, still paying tribute and honor to our original film, but you have to be growing. It is very important to stay relevant with respect to where we are or what is happening around us.Benson said.

In addition, he applauded the new interpreter of Ariel expressing “Knowing the way in which he has been able to capture Ariel and everything that is part of Ariel is simply wonderful«, «She’s finally done it, she’s telling this beautiful story and I’m so excited for her«.

The actress was very much in agreement with the new changes implemented by the company Disney expressing that we must always be in constant growth and risk changes, not always expect the same thing from something specific, as it would become monotonous and boring.