Commissioner for Human Rights in St. Petersburg Svetlana Agapitova visited correctional colony No. 6 in Obukhovo. On the story Agapitova on her website drew Attention edition “Rotonda”.

How was the meeting with Sokolov. During the visit, Agapitova met with Oleg Sokolov, a former associate professor at the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University, who dismembered your student. The Ombudsman’s press service called him “a St. Petersburg historian with an academic degree, whose name was in every criminal news feed a few years ago.”

In addition, Sokolov runs a library in the colony and occupies “lovers of intellectual leisure.” He told Agapitova that he was leading a history circle and “gathers listeners who are interested in the humanities.”

What else did Agapitova say? According to the Ombudsman, there is an “information crisis” in the colony. So, on the information stands, the staff of the colony placed outdated data on the city and regional commissioners. Explanations about appeals to the European Court of Human Rights also turned out to be irrelevant.

In addition, Agapitova’s attention was drawn to the lack of a lunch menu in the dining room “on an electronic scoreboard” and “worn out” aluminum bowls.

Also, during the visit of the Ombudsman to the colony, she did not receive a single complaint from prisoners. As follows from the words of Agapitova, she quickly walked through the colony, accompanied by the administration, and the prisoners could not share their problems. In this regard, she promised to organize regular receptions.

What you need to know about Obukhovo. In the colony visited by Agapitova, PMC Wagner recruited prisoners to participate in the war in Ukraine. Kirill Litvinenko and Kirill Timofeev, who joined the Wagner PMC, served time in Obukhovo. Later they died in Ukraine.

Agapitova did not mention the recruitment of prisoners and their deaths in the war in her report on her visit to the colony.

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