Election model May 8, 2022.
| photo: T – Otzky Vclava Moravce

According to the latest poll by the agency, the ODS would gain 26 percent of the vote and would therefore be ranked second behind the YES movement, which leads the table with 27.5 percent. He put on the dog would end the SPD movement with 11 percent and STAN with 10 percent.

On the contrary, according to research, Pirti now moves to the edge of 5 percent, KDU-SL would gain 4.5 percent and TOP09 only 3 percent.

The Coalition Together, as it stood in the last autumn elections, would be ranked first with 33.5 percent of the vote, ahead of YES with 28.5 percent and the Pirt Coalition with the Mayors, which would win 11.5 percent.

Election model T of hypothetical coalitions May 8, 2022.

The author of the survey, Pavel Ranocha, commented on the results: the ODS was the first to reach its koalite partners, who, on the other hand, fell to the 5% threshold needed to reach the Chamber.

The statistical error is around 3.6 percentage points for high-gaining parties and around 1.1 percentage points for low-gaining parties. The survey was conducted on a sample of less than a thousand respondents.