Every day more details about the break between Shakira and gerard Piqueas well as news of the former player’s new sentimental partner with the 23-year-old girl, clear chia Marti.

It has now been revealed that when Shakira He met Clara at Gerard’s company, Kosmos, where the Colombian would have given him a controversial nickname.

The interpreter of «Monotony» he met Clara when he was still with gerard Pique and on several visits by the singer to her ex-partner’s company, Clara always had a good relationship with the Colombian, but sometimes she went unnoticed, since she was a woman who did not talk much and perhaps this is what helped her get closer and more to his boss.

Given this, it was learned that Shakira he would have given Clara a controversial nickname, which was “the dead fly»and it is known that he would have even used it in front of Gerard on several occasions.

This was one of the reasons why the Barranquillera was surprised that she was her partner’s lover at that time, since she always remained calm and with a very low profile in the company and with Gerard.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why Shakira would have thrown some hints at him in his last song with bizarre. Recently, the nickname that Kosmos workers have given Clara was also revealed, which is “The new patron»This was seeking to ridicule Shakira, because they called her «the patron«.