The new submarine “Kronstadt” dived during testing

The crew of the new Project 677 Lada diesel-electric submarine Kronstadt made a deep-sea dive as part of factory sea trials at the sea ranges of the Baltic Fleet. The press service of the fleet reported this, reports TASS.

“During a dive in the Baltic to a depth of 180 meters, the crew of the Kronstadt, together with industry representatives, checked the operation of all systems and mechanisms of the submarine, worked out an algorithm for operating the ship at great depths and with various methods of surfacing,” the report says. .

During the next stage of testing, specialists checked the operation of the electric propulsion system, as well as the effectiveness of hydroacoustic systems, technical means and devices of the submarine at working depth.

The press service added that the diving of the Kronstadt submarine was ensured by the small anti-submarine ships Urengoy and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Project 677 submarines are designed for the defense of naval bases, coastal and sea communications, reconnaissance activities on enemy communications, as well as the fight against enemy submarines and ships. The ships of this project are carriers of Caliber missiles.

In July, the Kronstadt submarine was already committed immersion during testing. The crew also checked the operation of all systems and mechanisms of the Kronstadt, and the dive was provided by warships and the rescue ship SS-750 of the Baltic Fleet.

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