The company JKN Global Groupowner of the brand miss Universe, has announced a new process to maintain competition from national beauty pageants. The proposal must include a budget for the year 2023, a marketing plan and an economic offer, but this decision has generated a stir among the national bodies in charge of choosing the representatives.

The new owner of Miss Universe, Anne Jakrajutatip, has revealed a new rule for the election of the participants in the contest. In accordance with Thai Sashesthe national competitions to choose the representatives should not be related to other beauty pageants.

Anne explained that the national contest in the name of the copyright of the Miss Universe brand will only choose the winner to compete exclusively in this contest, this due to the fact that previously many countries held contests related to the brand. miss Universebut they sent the finalists to other beauty pageants.

With this new rule, only the crowned queen will be able to compete in the miss universe and the first and second finalists will not be able to participate in other scenarios such as the miss world, the miss international either the Miss Grand International.

This new rule has generated controversy among the national organizations in charge of choosing the representatives, who will have to adapt to the new conditions of the franchise to continue being part of the most important beauty contest in the world.