Live music, interviews and extreme experiences with Aragonese environments as a setting, star in ‘Colofonia’ on Aragón Tv.

We would advance it to you in mid-November. Aragón Tv was recording its new musical program. With the name of ‘Rosin’ and its epicenter in Huesca, it is carried out by the Huesca company Nut Producciones. Well, on January 13, Thursday, is the premiere of this space that, according to what they tell us from the aforementioned producer, will feature “live music, interviews and extreme and exciting experiences getting to know the community.” Below these lines you can see a preview.

Rozalén, Xoel López, Depedro, David Otero, Rayden, The Red Room, DePedro, Invisible Dance and Amparanoia are part of the cast of invited proposals. As far as Aragon is concerned, they will not miss: Shariff, Erin memento, David Angulo, The Bengals, Guild Artists or Trivium Klezner. According to the director of the program “the artists have traveled the three provinces living unforgettable experiences.”

Bet on live music

Rozalén, Danza Invisible, Rayden, David Otero, Rafa Sánchez de La Unión, Xoel López, Bely Basarte, María Toledo, Depedro, The Red Room or Amparanoia will pass through Rosin. Rock, Pop, Indie, Flamenco, Rap… different genres have a place in the program.

Too Aragonese music will have an important presence. Almendra Garrapiñá, David Angulo, Erin Memento, Shariff, Trivium Klezner, Decarneyhueso, Los Bengala, Artistas del Gremio, La Huesca Big Band, Psychedelic Lemon, El Mantel de Noa, Tritón or El Mal de Sambito are some of those who will visit Rosin.

The Rampa company, responsible for the tours of some of the most important artists in the country for 25 years, is the one in charge of the sound.

Aragon with different eyes

Another of the main bets of the program is to promote the community. That all the artists live a unique experience in some corner of Aragon. There are those who have cried with emotion, who have proved themselves … There are many who have experienced their first times in this space by literally daring to jump into the void. Led by Alfonso Puicercús, the guests have toured emblematic places of the three provinces.


The journalist Ana Benavente hosts this program in which the public will have the opportunity to get to know the artists up close. Rosin dedicates a relevant space to interviews. In them, in addition to talking about their music and their professional careers, the guests have dared to touch on topics such as the B-side of success, fame, drugs, mental health or the relationship with former bandmates.

More info: Nut Productions