R’Bonney Gabriel, the new one Miss Universe 2022, He gave some statements about how he lived the whole experience during the concentration of the contest, where he confessed something that left many stunned: I don’t know, he bathed so as not to lose his tan.

Despite the fact that the real topic of conversation of the most recent edition of the miss Universe Despite accusations of fraud by a large part of the public and numerous media outlets, the new sovereign of universal beauty has made a series of statements that have shocked many.

The 28-year-old girl has confessed that she did not bathe or wash her hair during all the days that the concentration, this because of some products that were added to her hair and skin, in order to make her look radiant.

“People think it’s funny because we go on stage and we look so beautiful and fresh. But I actually felt so dirty when I got to the final. I haven’t washed my hair in all this time since I left for the contest on January 1,” Gabriel confessed.

With respect to Sun tanning of her skin, the American stated that she underwent a tanning treatment to strengthen herself on stage, so applying large amounts of water to her skin could play against her aspirations and lose the skin tone she had achieved.

And you, what do you think of the controversial statements of the new Miss Universe?