The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Russia approved the concept of an updated banknote with a face value of 5 thousand rubles. It will be dedicated to the Ural Federal District. A modernized banknote can depict a panorama of Yekaterinburg or a malachite vase. Now we are working on a sketch, the details of the images are being worked out.

The new banknotes are scheduled to be put into circulation next year. What will be placed on the banknote will become known only at the presentation. Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergei Belov spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia. He announced the options that made it to the final. On the new 5,000th banknote, they can depict:

– Sevastyanov’s house;
— the dam of the city pond on the Iset River;
— panoramic view of Yekaterinburg;
– a monument to the soldiers of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps;
– buildings – monuments of constructivism;
– Ural Range;
— Kasli casting sculpture “Russia”;
— objects of the oil and gas industry;
– malachite vase;
– a memorial sign “Europe – Asia”;
– Monument “Rear – front”;
– Monument “The Tale of the Urals”.

The security complex of five-thousandth banknotes will become more perfect, because it is large banknotes that are counterfeited more often. They will be created according to global trends: a large contrasting denomination designation, easy-to-read inscriptions, embossed marks for recognition of denominations by blind people, and an easy-to-check location of security features.

The modernization of banknotes began five years ago, when 200 and 2,000 rubles were issued. At the end of June 2022, the Central Bank introduced updated hundred-ruble bill. Now, along with the 5,000th, work is underway on a sketch of a banknote with a face value of 1,000 rubles.

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that for the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil put into circulation silver commemorative coin. On it you can see the most recognizable city symbols.

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