The coronation of King Charles III is approaching and the expectation about the event is growing, May 6 will be the first day of three days of festivities in honor of who will be the new monarch of England and some surprises have already been revealed, such as the king’s clothing , which will break with the historical protocol of the royal family and the Spotify playlist that will combine old and new musical hits.

In addition, another novelty has recently been announced in relation to the ceremony and it is the emblem that will represent it. This emblem is unique and reflects both the personality of the King Charles III as the combination between the traditional and the modern.

The person in charge of creating this emblem is Sir Jony Ive and his team, LoveFromwho created a high quality piece that combines the novelty and the centenary.

The symbol is made up of the flora of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, which are: the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the clover of Northern Ireland, uniting these flowers to form the crown of San Eduardo, which will be used by the King Charles III in the ceremony.

In addition, the piece reflects the unity of which the new king speaks, without neglecting his love for nature, since the King Charles III He is known as much for his care of the gardens as for his organic diet. For this reason, the coronation of King Charles III promises to be an event full of surprises and details that will reflect his personality and his vision for the future of the United Kingdom.