The Spanish model and influencer Georgina Rodriguez, Known for being the girlfriend of the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, has generated all kinds of comments on social networks, since as recently revealed, a special law was created in Saudi Arabia so that she can live in the same house as the soccer player. However, she would have to do it as if she were a “slave”, since both are not married and in that country it is not allowed for a man and a woman to live together if they do not marry.

Through the social media, A document has begun to be released that would affirm that Georgina Rodríguez could live in the same home as Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, as long as she lives under his guardianship. That is to say, as if she were a “slave”, something that has outraged millions of Internet users throughout the world. world.

The person in charge of revealing the mysterious document was the tiktoker Nicole Jenes, that published the alleged writing, where Georgina has to live like a slave to be able to accompany Cristiano during his new sports adventure, playing in Al Nassr of the Islamic country.

However, the authorities They have not issued any statement from that country, so it is said that the document is not real so far, but we still have to wait for what is said regarding the situation.

Still, it is said that the authorities arabs they will go ahead of the laws of that country and would allow the couple to live in the same home without the need for them to be married.

How some know Saudi Arabia it is a country Islam and therefore extremely macho and oppressive, where women are seen as an object and do not have the rights, much less the freedom that men enjoy.