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The Netflix series that is much better than Game of Thrones and that shows the dark middle ages in Europe

A controversial series of Netflix It makes you confirm that you did ever come to believe that there could be no other series that better related the bloody and dark middle Ages in Europe that game of Thrones, you were completely wrong. Now, this production recounts events that make it very clear to us that without a doubt, it is better than the famous television saga of thrones.

Over six seasons, this series made it very clear that the middle ages are much bloodier, violent and darker than what was portrayed in Game of Thrones and the books of the mythical George R. R. Martin.

Is about Vikingsa series that premiered in 2013 and had its last season in 2020. With six seasonsand a rather compelling plot, it took us into the old Scandinavian empire where blood and violence were the daily bread.

The story goes into 8th centuryin a small Scandinavian town called Kattegat. In this region lives a Viking warrior who has skills as a farmer and secretly works on a project that promises to change the world.

In its plot portrays a universe full of suffering, conquests, conflicts and how it should be: Norse mythology, all focused on victory, reputation and a lot of blood. And the best thing is that this series can be enjoyed on the platform of Netflix.

Even if it’s hard to accept Vikings it is definitely better than game of Thrones when recounting the dark and violent Middle Ages. So if you are a fan of this epoch of humanity, you must watch each of the seasons of this series on Netflix screens.

Vikings Spanish Trailer

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