The educational organization was created and headed by a unique teacher from 1992 to 2017.

Academic Gymnasium No. 56 of St. Petersburg will bear the name of its founder, the national teacher of Russia Maya Pildes. Such a recommendation was given by members of the Toponymic Commission of the city.

At a meeting of the St. Petersburg Interdepartmental Commission on Names (Toponymic Commission). As a result of the meeting, it was recommended that academic gymnasium No. 56 be named after Maya Pildes (1951–2022), the people’s teacher of the Russian Federation, holder of the Order of Honor, who founded the author’s gymnasium on the basis of secondary school No. 56 and headed it in 1992–2017, the press reported. – Service of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg.

Maya Pildes passed away after a long illness on the night of October 31, 2022, she was a unique teacher and manager, a bright person who realized the idea of ​​a school of happy people. In 2019, for the 30th anniversary of Academic Gymnasium No. 56 came out Maya Borisovna Pildes book. From the first person. It contains the famous open letters of Maya Borisovna to the team and some of her interviews to various publications. Maya Borisovna was an active writer “Teacher’s newspaper”. Read more about this unique person in the selection materials UG.RU.