The last coronation of King Charles III and the queen Camilla Parker He left many moments to talk about, because even weeks after the coronation was carried out successfully, the presence of several people, including a little-known prince, has been the subject of conversation among attendees and followers of the British crown. .

In the coronation event there was talk of the presence of more than 2000 guests belonging to the British royal family, the Spanish family, among others, as well as the attendance of very important celebrities from around the world, who clearly have been remembered to this day for their attendance.

Among these two thousand guests who attended, one of them has attracted attention in recent days, because in addition to being a royal member who is seventh in the line of succession of his Royal House, he is a model and influencer who has achieved work with the most relevant brands in the world, such as the magazine Voguethe signature Dior and Burberry.

It is the son of Joachim from Denmark and his first wife, Alejandra Frederiksborg, the charming prince nicholas of denmark of 23 yearswho during the coronation was noticed accompanying his family with a quite elegant and consistent outfit, worthy of the celebration.

Prince Nicholas shares this talent of being a public celebrity with his girlfriend, Benedikte Thoustrupwith whom he is said to have been in a four-year relationship, and who is also an influencer who works together for brands like Cartier.