Due to overcrowding, a tent camp had to be set up in Troy. Hřib sent a letter to Prime Minister Petr Fial a few days ago, in which he called for a solution. Government spokesman Vaclav Smolka said on Thursday evening that the cabinet was to meet for an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday evening.

“On Tuesday, the government will deal with the current situation in connection with the refugee wave, and a debate on a possible extension of the state of emergency cannot be ruled out,” Smolka said.

Deputy Prime Minister Vít Rakušan stated in the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday that the extension of the state of emergency by another 30 days in connection with the refugee wave from Ukraine is factual, especially due to the accommodation of refugees. The Cabinet declared a state of emergency for 30 days from Friday, March 4, after which the Chamber of Deputies approved the extension until Tuesday, May 31. Government officials have previously emphasized that the state of emergency, unlike its duration during the coronavirus crisis, does not limit the population of the Czech Republic.

The Refugee Center (KACP) serves the metropolis and Central Bohemia, and since the beginning of the Russian invasion at the end of February, it has handled over 84,000 refugees. First it served from the Congress Center, now from the building in Vysočany, which the metropolis provided free of charge by the Central Group development company.

“With regard to the fulfillment of the city’s capacities, the crisis staff recommends the closure of the KACP in our city, unless the Czech government starts preparations for a relocation mechanism by Tuesday, May 17, based on regional stratification of accommodation, education and medical care capacities,” said Hřib.

PICTURE: The station does not manage refugees, they set up a tent camp in Troja

According to him, the state has enough information about how many refugees, places for accommodation, jobs or medical care options in which region. “The data model presented to the governors confirmed that Prague was the only one who was there in the third stage and we are moving towards the fourth. That is, I really need Prime Minister Fiala to start solving this unprecedented crisis, “said Hřib.

The mayor expects a signal from the government by Tuesday that the problem of overcrowded capacities in the metropolis has begun to be solved. “Of course there should be a realistic timetable, but at the moment we expect it to be resolved at all. It affects the population in a serious and very significant way. I am convinced that the government has the tools (solutions) and needs to come up with them, “said Hřib.

Unworthy conditions at the main station

According to the mayor, the problem of deployment to other regions does not only concern refugees who now live at the main railway station and for whom tents are being set up in Troja. “It is necessary to solve the rest,” Hřib added.

The capital is now dealing mainly with the problem of Roma refugees residing at the main train station. According to civic initiatives, hundreds of people live in undignified conditions there.

Humanitarian crisis at the main railway station in Prague. Hundreds of refugees live there

There are now 70 beds for refugees in the Fant’s building of the main railway station, which were provided by the Railway Administration, and up to 210 more people can sleep in the attached seat train. All capacities are often full, some refugees sleep on the ground. Several dozen of them will move to Troy this weekend.

The Czech Republic has so far issued 338,830 temporary protection visas to people who fled Ukraine before the Russian invasion. In about three months of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, 235,550 refugees reported to the foreign police. Children under the age of 15, who according to the latest figures make up about a third of refugees, do not have to register.