Already today, in fact, a month before the start of the tourist season in Bulgaria, the municipality of Pomorie is ready to receive tourists.

According to, already today, actually a month before the start of the tourist season in Bulgaria, the municipality of Pomorie is ready to receive tourists.
The mayor of the city of Pomorie – Ivan Aleksiev, the chairman of the Municipal Council of Pomorie – Adam Adamov and the deputy mayor – Yancho Iliev, held another working meeting with representatives of the tourism industry of the city of Pomorie, at which they discussed the current situation in the industry and preparations for the upcoming summer tourist season.

“The municipality of Pomorie is ready to receive tourists. After two extensive public discussions and the adoption of a new parking regulation, the city has already begun marking parking spaces. Applications for preferential parking in front of the house will continue to be accepted until May 25, after which the coordination of possible parking spaces will begin. Paid parking, or the so-called blue zone, will only be available in front of administrative buildings from 8:00 to 18:00, after which free parking will be opened. Next week, the equipment of paid parking lots with barriers will begin, as well as the clearing of three territories for buffer parking lots for free parking – in the area of ​​\u200b\u200brest stations, next to the former Lemonade shop and in the courtyard of the street. Georgievsky Monastery. The rich cultural program of the municipality for the whole of June and early July also involves attracting tourists at the beginning of the summer season,” Mayor Ivan Aleksiev said during the meeting.

Shterion Zlatarov, an expert from the Department of Tourism, presented to the audience a presentation with an analysis of the first quarter of 2022 and expectations for the upcoming summer season.

In total, the municipality of Pomorie reports 8 unfavorable factors for the upcoming summer season, including the gas and oil crisis, the war in Ukraine, the wave of refugees and the outflow of tourists to competing destinations Turkey and Greece. However, the tourism sector is expected to recover gradually, with overnight stays expected to reach 60% to 80% compared to a strong 2019.

The analysis predicts that the reduction of Bulgarian tourists will be from 20% to 25%, but it will be offset by citizens freely arriving in our country from Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK. Despite the ongoing fighting in Ukraine and all the global economic problems, this year is expected to be a stronger season than last.

The municipality of Pomorie signed a contract in Romania for media coverage, presenting the city as a suitable holiday destination. The billboards on the Trakia motorway have been rented, and the website is a place for free advertising for any business in the industry. The municipality of Pomorie participates in tourism exhibitions and develops promotional printed information materials.

Representatives of the Pomorie tourism business expressed concern about the lack of information related to the government’s program of accommodation for refugees in hotels, which ends on May 31, and the uncertainty of the concessionaires regarding the prices of umbrellas and deck chairs in Pomorie. They proposed to invite experts from the Ministry of Tourism to the next regular meeting.

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